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Monday, 27 September 2010

some kindness please

funkytiles, arts for grabs 2010

things have been really moving and shifting lately, in wonderful and magical ways. i guess when we live authentically, when we "be true" to who we are... doors of opportunities open in all directions, and all we need is the courage to show up and take the next step, and the next and the next. we may not know what's at the end, whether we will succeed or not, but at least we take action and be grateful for all the wonderful and sometimes challenging adventure. just a wee little step is enough for now.

i'm not revealing anything yet, but if things go well monday evening, it will be a huge mondo beyondo!!! so huge that it's the "i cannot believe we did this!!" kind of huge. so i'd like to ask for your kindness, please send us good thoughts through monday evening. i think we are going to need it. thank you so so much!

loves and kindness to you.


  1. I'm sending good thoughts and vibes out to you, Alison...I hope whatever it is will happen for you. I know you truly deserve it. The movement and shifting is happening quite quickly now, isn't it!?!

    I love those tiles...and it is a great photo of them as well!

  2. Hi Alison,

    I've coincidentally just written a post on living courageously, I felt strongly that this shift is about moving forward with bravery, I'm sending positive and loving thoughts to you to help you brave the change, I understand how it is like.

    ps. The tiles look extra funky in your photographs, Love that you captured "be true" so vividly even though the others are also that colorful!

  3. marion: thanks so much for your loving thoughts marion :)

    eva: thanks so much eva, it means a lot to me. i love those crazy tiles!


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