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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

how did it happen?

thank you for leaving kind comments on our big move. we feel supported and loved.

ok, lets back tracked a little. few friends have asked me how did it happen? here's the summery.

well, it happened very quickly in fact. apart from the "dreaming", which has been going on for many years, for me it's 20 years! which then led to 2 weeks ago when big U started sending me signs and windows of opportunities that i finally had the courage to take action. it was thursday night, i was surfing the internet googling and dreaming of new zealand as i always have, i chanced upon the immagine website (even the name is appropriate! i was imagining being in new zealand.) that was having a seminar about migration to new zealand on saturday. something in me popped! saturday came and i went alone as gene had to work. came home and told him all i can remember and we decided to make an appointment to meet chris, which was the monday. and that was it, that was how and when we decided to give it a go.

why new zealand? i don't know.... there's something about new zealand. you know how it is when sometimes you're attracted to someone or something and just can't explain why? well, that's how we feel about new zealand.

after the highs of happy we went to a dip of lows after doing some research, everything is so expensive! houses, rents, furnitures and even clothes. with an almost guaranteed residency, there's still the challenges of getting employments. how soon can we find jobs? where to rent? transport? etc. etc. hmm.....

while hanging the laundry out to dry yesterday i saw this pretty flower, if the flower can grow and bloom through the crack, i think we'll be able to make it through the challenges/adventures that we'll be facing in new zealand. we'll thrive if not survive there. we are sticking to our plan and listening to our hearts.


  1. ..we decided to give it a go.

    MAKE IT SO!!!! :D

  2. i had chills the whole time i read that! yes, just trust--trust this amazing process and the unfolding of your dreams. you are an inspiration! and love that flower growing through the cracks!!xoxo

  3. jemima: and we say yes, yes and yes! we go! :D

    hliza: thanks! and thanks for the long distance call, so sweet of you :)

    amy: i am still learning the "trusting" part. this is a BIG trust amy! :D

  4. •♥•´¯`•.¸¸.♥ •♥•

    Oh my goodness, wonderful news! I'm totally delighted! ^_^

  5. continue to listen to your heart, and Gene will do so well in New Zealand. I can't wait for you to experience an entirely new life! xo

  6. new zealand???!! your going to new zealand for you honeymoon!!!! why cant yya go to the bahamas or hawaii!!! even though im just a kid does not mean i can't comment here. and you dont know me so you cant come looking for me! hahahaha!

  7. Congratulations Alison!! It's a big decision and you won't regret it!! Well, if u need any help, you know where to find me. :) All the best!!!


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