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Monday, 15 November 2010

crafty art market

picture from etsy malaysia

peeps! i will be here - selling art stuff. together with all the beautiful and talented artists from team etsy malaysia. i am part of the team though my etsy shop is not active right now, got to fix that and some other stuff to get it up and running again.

i have no idea what i will be selling yet, i gave away most of my handmade jewelry thinking i won't be taking with me on the big move. i have less than 2 weeks to "create" something, anything! and what am i doing here blogging?! *panicking*

ok, gotta go get creative and create something, like erm... now?!
if you're around PJ, do drop by for a visit. it'll be fun!

crafty art market
with etsy malaysia
venue: jaya one @ the bee
date: 27 november 2010
time: 11:00am - 6:00pm


  1. How exciting! All the best and wish that I would be back by then :)


  2. Good luck with your creations and your big move!!! xxx

  3. kylie: me too! come home soon! fun times ahead!

    laurina: thanks laurina! xoxo

    bee: LOL! the BEE @ the bee! yes please, buzzzzz over.


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