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Saturday, 13 November 2010

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ok, we're on our next little step.
we finally got some funds in and in the process of applying for migration through immagine new zealand. our nz migration chronicle:
- dream
- take action when opportunity knocks + dream
- decide and say YES + dream
- applying + dream
- *will add when the next step comes + still dreaming

i saw this guy while people watching and sipping hot chocolate yesterday...

jaya one, petaling jaya


  1. Ah, the problem I have is recognizing opportunity, I think. This is a super photo essay; you took the opportunity that was presented to you.

    I think you'll find after saying yes to your last opportunity that more and more opportunities will come your way, some small, some big. I think once the Universe realizes you WILL say yes to whatever presents itself, there will be more sent...who doesn't like to feel appreciated, heh!

    You're sounding more upbeat in this post. It will take awhile...a huge relocation such as this can't be done overnight. But I can tell you're still strong and happy in what you and hubby are doing!

  2. I've asked hubby is there any chance we can enter a new phase of life like what you guys are working on now..he said maybe yes..but we're still very blur of what may wait. Many times dream seems so far and we don't feel the strong urge to make it happen..a lot of excuses not to actually. But I love knowing that you're both strong in this..and this picture essay is cute..

  3. marion: you are spot on on the more opportunities big and small showing up! fun times ahead! i am trying to keep my spirit up on this big move, oh yeah i have my fear, i try to keep my balance.

    hliza: keep dreaming! i know what you mean, i never thought this move to nz will happen too until suddenly we're on our way? macam mimpi, tak percaya. lol!


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