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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

a bag and a rock

sis with my new bag, mia in smoke green by christystudio

yes, i bought myself a bag from christy studio, i met christy at crafty art market and fell completely in love with her ranges of bags. especially her canvas bags. i had mine custom made and had a little adjustments on the strap - a little wider so it won't hurt my shoulder as i want to put my camera and lens in (along with other must haves). my bag was delivered to me yesterday. it is versatile, you can use them in different ways. click on the link to see what i mean. i love canvas bags and this is just perfect! she's running a christmas sale right now, if you are looking for a bag, head on over to her shop.

the rock, sorry a little blurry

i'm working on custom made order of rocks for another etsian that i met at crafty art market, jessie of trinket trove. she makes gorgeous jewelries that are unique, and sometimes quirky as she puts it. it has been raining and cloudy for the pass few days, i do hope the sun will come out tomorrow as i am finishing them with few coats of varnish to seal the paint in and i want to dry the rocks. will get a better finished photo of the rocks when they're done.

on another note:
* our nz migration application is on hold for the time being. will update when we have latest news.
* my camera, the canon 350d has gone kaput, i've sent it to canon service center for repair, it'll cost quite a bit to repair my baby. ouch!

whatever may come, it is all good. i am grateful. i am going to keep calm and carry on.


  1. That bag is lovely and so functional! Oh and your painted rock is gorgeous!! I really adore it. Thanks so much for sharing the other wonderful artists with us! have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. I'm so sorry about your camera...that would be like having your arm cut off! I hope it's fixed now.

    I love that bag and would have had to buy it myself, had I been there, heh!

    I hope nothing has gone too badly wrong with the NZ application and I hope you will still be visiting it in a couple of months. Stay strong Alison, you can do this!!

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  4. Dear Alison-Oh!! I just adore this bag! It is so huge, I think I can get all of my stuff in there! And Tara's too:) I love canvas-it holds up very well. So sorry to hear about your camera breaking...(mine just did too!) and about your immigation papers being put on hold. But your attitude is so...zen-like. Everything happens in it's own time (I think) and in the are busy creating beautiful jewellery. Love the painted it going to be a pendant for a necklace?
    BTW...Ca is California! That's where we are right now. Staying in a hotel (pretty difficult with a toddler!!) but...all is good...we are all together. Loking for a home so busy busy! xxx

  5. Hi Alison,

    I'm so proud of you selling your crafts in jaya 1, I would have visited you have I known and buy some of your goodies.(bcos you were always so sweet to come support me) But I've been preoccupied with teaching and have not been blogging and reading blogs. Next year will be full dedication to my art!Hope you'll sell again soon with the etsy team.

    and good luck for your application to New Zealand, beautiful beautiful country! There's just something so pure in the air there!


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