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Saturday, 18 December 2010

camera's back

collected the camera from canon service centre yesterday and what better way to test it than to take photos of kiki. lots of photos. her latest toy craziness, a little orange string handle from a torn paper bag.

i am so happy to get the camera back, now it's fit for travel photography that is lined up this holiday. the moore family will be spending the christmas holidays up in cameron highland (approximately 1,600 meters/5,300 ft above sea level), and after that ming and i will be having a photowalk date down to melaka, with some yummy food hunt along the way. good times. i love december!

oh! and thanks so much for your kind wishes on our anniversary! :)


  1. Lovely photos! Flighty xx

  2. It sounds as if you are all ready!! I love the photos of your sweet kitty.

    Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas, Alison!

  3. flighty: thanks! i think she has more photos and our portrait shots.

    marion: in spirit we are, physically not quite, got to do some shopping before we leave though.

    merry christmas to you too marion!

  4. Oh how cute, how cute. I have a very similar white cat .. well two of them. one is called snowwhite and the other, Euro


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