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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

cameron highlands - land rovers

i was here last year and i am happy to be back. rolling hills, green trees, cool fresh air, family fun time. it was a wonderful holiday!

cameron highlands has the highest density of land rovers on the road anywhere in the world (outside u.k.). the british brought them in and used them during the communist insurgency on the peninsula many years ago. you can see them in every turn and corner. the locals use them for mostly... everything!
heavy load coming...

chugging along, strain to the suspension, but still chugging along

stacked high up... manure!!!

my goodness!! the smell was unbelievable!!!

no more space at the back? just stack them up front!

handsome looking truck don't you think? i am starting to like them.

this one looks well treated.
more land rovers photos to come.


  1. I don't have the patience to be in the car with winding roads and slopes up to made me dizzy..that's why I only came here once so far. But I didn't know that they have the most 4WDs!

  2. hliza: the most "land rovers" in one place ;)


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