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Monday, 10 January 2011

braco's healing gaze and etsy shop re-open

very cute and quaint art studio in jonker street, melaka.

i am still working on the best way to do my intuitive reading and energyworks on my blog. honestly? i'm not so sure how to go about doing it. but i have to share with you an amazing "healer" that i got to know recently. you have got to "meet" him! his name is braco (pronounced braht-zoh). you can read about him here and here. (why are all the good events i wish to attend are happening in the US?).

i got to know braco in december 2010 through the internet and was amazed at his healing ability. he heals by gazing at a large group of people. just like that. people are healed and lifted off their heavy burden and lower forms of energy. there are so many testimonials and positive feedback that i was so drawn to experience his amazing gift. even watching some of his video on youtube i could feel the energy.

last thursday the organizer from braco america did a global livestream gazing event at agape international spiritual centre where reverend michael beckwith (from the secret) was the host. it was phenomenal! apart from the people at the center, there were almost 3000 live streamers from around the world! once braco came on stage and started his gazing session i immediately felt a wave of energy washed over me and it was STRONG and POWERFUL! my goodness! i had shivers, was burping the whole time, my knees went jelly weak, i felt dizzy, enveloped by a blanket of heat and was high on cloud eleven! it was an amazing feeling. during the gazing session, i did a little "experiment" as shared on his website. i held pictures of loved ones and also my very good friend kylie. i know it all sound so weird, holding pictures in front of the monitor letting braco "gazed" at me! whatever works, i'll do anything to raise my vibes and help others. i felt and still am feeling great after that session. two days later, kylie emailed me saying that her cough, running nose and asthma is gone. i'm like wow! really? was that braco's healing? will have to contact her again in a few days to reconfirm.

the good news is that he'll be doing more livestream gazing events in the very near future and you can join and "meet" him. feel his healing gaze live from the comfort of your home. check out his website for more info. i am thrilled and happy to share with you this info. do take note that this is not a religious event, so anyone can attend and benefit from his healing gaze.

on another high note.
happy to announce mettaville's etsy shop is now re-open! woohoo!
swarovski crystal pearls - wire wrapped necklace & earrings set.

i love doing wire wrapping on pearls. they look simple yet elegant and chick. this is one of my favorite. i sold a few of these earrings in the last crafty art market in jaya one. they seem to be well received. i will be adding more items in the shop soon. i still need to work on creating more items for the art market that's happening 5th march. i've ordered some supplies and hope they'll arrive soon. i've lots of ideas swirling in my head. need to write. them. down. if only i can catch them fast enough before they float away. my mind seems to be more active than usual. i take that as a good sign.

more photos here (gene's photoblog).


  1. Wow, how amazing and powerful Braco is! And woohoo for the re-opening! All the best! :D

  2. haha... braco made you HIGH! :D:D isn't it amazing. i prob won't feel a thing but maybe one day will check out the 'gaze'!

    Etsy is open? PERFECT timing. Need to get some lovely etsy goods. That necklace/earring is my absolute favourite, just love it! Simple, elegant, pure, beautiful!

  3. Though I wasn't aware you were channeling the energy to me at that time but, hey, I don't need my inhaler anymore after one bad week :)) I couldn't be happier!!


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