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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

cameron highlands - the greens (1)

cameron higlands's economy- vegetable farm and tea plantation.

vegetable farm, brinchang

this is sungai palas "boh" tea plantation. that's the cafe where you can have your cup of tea overlooking the hills of tea plantation. i didn't take many photos as i sprained my ankle the night before (christmas day!) and here gene and i were just sitting and chilling while the rest of the family went on with the tour in the mini factory. besides, i took some shots here last year. so i was good to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

this is "bharat" tea plantation, another tea plantation company in cameron highlands. photos taken on our last day and my ankle was well enough to walk again.

we saw some tea leaves pickers but they were too far to photographed.

rows and rows of tea shrubs.

that's the quarters for the workers.


  1. It's all looks so intricate! Flighty xx

  2. flighty: and very very steep, i just wonder how the tea leaves pickers balance up those slopes, with big basket up their backs too!

  3. wow i love these pictures much more than the flower pics :P I've just started with photographing, check my blog and tell me what you think about the pictures of the city at night.. You're really good :)

    Take care :)


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