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Saturday, 8 January 2011

christmas rocks

let's rewind a little to last year. here are the rocks that were ordered by a ming as gifts to her friends. 4 christmas theme and 2 japanese theme. i really had fun painting them.

photos taken by ming with her canon 550d (i think)

i've just signed up for another open art market! woohoo! it'll be on 5 march 2011 at empire gallery subang jaya, which is very close to home. yay! once again i'll be joining team etsy malaysia on this one. yes, there'll be painted rocks. i've already done some sketches on some rocks. i love love my art table in the living room, i have more space as my art supplies tend to spill over to the dining table next to it. it's cooler and brighter and closer to the kitchen too! (easy reach to snacks!?) i think that sometimes we need a change in our art space to get motivated. oh! i'm also bringing in some new goodies, but shhh.... for now. i'll save that for later.

i'll be a bit busy but will definitely post a few photos from my photowalk trip to melaka with ming.


  1. Your creativity knows no bounds, Alison...I had no idea you painted!! These are very pretty. I love painted stones, I have a showcase box full of them!

  2. Glad you'll have another go! Just came back from Pj for 2-day meeting. I rememeber we first met about this time of the year last itchy to call but time again was so limited to meet.

  3. Dearest sweet alison, these rocks are gorgeous!! You are so talented sweet friend!! So happy you signed up for another open market! I'm still trying to debate within me to pull up the courage to go for it. It's like the devil and the angel fighting Have a lovely merry happy weekend sweet friend! Love to yoU!

  4. marion: thanks marion. i am just trying out this and that. i find it helps me stay grounded, having these earth(rocks & stones) energy.

    hliza: hope that the meeting went well. has it been a year already? my goodness! how time flies. hope you'll have a good sales year ahead liza.

    jacqueline: i know what you mean with the "yes" "no" game in the mind. i had that too when i signed up the first time with crafty art market. and i glad i did. it was fun! all i can say is don't worry too much about how well you'll do or what people might say. just do your best and most important is to have fun. the girls from etsy are really nice and friendly and really helpful. lastly... listen to your heart. one that resides in "love" not "fear".

  5. what is the size of the rocks? I really like the angel, would be perfect for someone I know. :D


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