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Sunday, 9 January 2011

houses on stilts

i love kampung houses. they're so quaint and cozy. my grandmother used to live in a kampung house much like these, but much smaller. i absolutely loved it. what sets apart the kampung houses in melaka from other states is that the steps are usually made of colourful tiles or brick and cement, like the second picture.

we saw these girls and asked them to sit on the steps so we could take pictures. notice the matching colours of their shirts and the tiles on the steps? what a coincidence! the tiles are gorgeous. love the colours.

and the girls are a natural. sweet.


  1. Where are this houses located? I remember my grandma had exactly the same model of house but painted in blue and yellow..even the tiles at the steps are white, blue and yellow. And it's a must for my grandpa to paint the house every time Ramadan comes..all by himself.Next to the house was paddy field..right in the heart of malacca town! (It was near the Malacca Malay Girls Teaching College in Durian Daun!) Sadly the house is now no more there to give way to new buildings and roads.

  2. hliza: i can't remember. i think it is somewhere after alor gajah. ya, most of the old houses are gone, both my late grandmother's house as well as my late granfather's (father's side) atap house were torn down to make way for modern buildings.


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