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Thursday, 20 January 2011

love rocks - owl love

owl love collection

i've been away for a couple of days, back to mom and dad's in melaka. it was a good short break. away from the internet and just enjoy being with my parents.

i have some necklace orders to do and delivered before lunar new year but you know when the more you want to get things done in a hurry, the slower it gets and i did a mistake. oh well, i honour that boo boo and shall learn to be more mindful. can't do much today so i painted some rocks instead.

the owl love collection. they all have tiny red hearts above the head, can't see in the photo though. i thought since my blog and shop name is mettaville, metta being "loving kindness", so i might as well promote loving kindness in the products as well. we all need some love and kindness in this world.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE The OWLS!!!! And I see your intuitive reading. Rock on, miss Alison!


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