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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

more melaka photos + reminder

love the texture of the walls

i managed to snap a married couple busy having a photo session.

st. francis xavier, missionary in the 16th century. st. paul's hill, melaka.

thank you for your well wishes. i am doing well, still wonky weird tired physically, but mentally and emotionally happy as a kitty with toy mouse. well, at least that's what kiki's favourite pass time is now. i've been busy making photo necklaces and it is really fun.

the energy will get more wonky and strong in coming times, and i'm keeping this mantra in mind "whatever happens, i can handle it."

and here's what i shared in my facebook page this morning:

"a hundred million miracles are happening every day."
~ oscar hammerstein

just a reminder:
the USD11 intuitive reading is still on, 5 days left to book for an appointment.
gosh, and then it is lunar new year!!

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