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Thursday, 6 January 2011

your one little word 2011 + energy update

cameron highland

i just wanted to acknowledge you my friends, who played the one little word 2011 with me. if you did not go back and read the comments, i just want to re-post it here. this is what i wrote:

wow! i am blown away by all your wonderful one little word!

janet: "change" indeed. this year is a year for "change", for sure. i love what you wrote, every. single. one.

bee: yup, dedicating the song "cherish" by kool and the gang to you :)

jacqueline: you are a warrior this year jaqueline. warrior of "love"! let your light shine brightly to cast that fear away. "fearless" 2011 it is!

shannon: ooohhh... i love the word "authentic" very much too. this is the year to be authentic, i am seeing in a lot of people. i feel that when you find and remember your own magnificence, you'll blow yourself away :D because you truly are, and i and all those around you love you for that. bring it on shannon! :)

eva: hey you. happy to see you're back! yes, there's a lot of "passion" to share with everyone :) yes to all you said too, passionate artful living. i like that.

and here are some of my friends' one little word that they shared with me offline.

anna: heart. as in listening to the heart more this year.

sandy: spiritual. learning to see things and experience the spiritual side of everything.

thanks everyone for sharing, i am so inspired by all of you :) know that as i read each and every one of your word, i am adding energy to it, a kind of boost to it if you will. a prayer. may your word manifest your heart's desire this 2011.

on another note, the influx of energy has been really strong. i am feeling it, i'm not sure if you are. it's like having a 100 watt electricity running through a 10 watt bulb! sometimes my awareness is so high that i am even aware that i am sleeping while sleeping! i am feeling that 2011 is a powerful year. now, i am not predicting anything, i am merely sharing what i feel. no one escapes this wave of energy that is currently sweeping the earth. it just manifests differently for everyone. it all depends on what you wish to create this year. i have been sick on the very first day of the new year, which resulted in unable to take in much heavy food. so it was liquid and fruits only. i have since adjusted back to normal food intake, small portions at a time.

there is also a kind of new-ness to the energy, fresh and light and clarity. and there's a forward thrust in the doing (about time too!). i have been cleaning the house (again!), the fridge, the cupboards, re-arranging things, de-cluttering (again!), and moving my art table from our studio to the living room downstairs, changing feng shui, or so i give myself the reason. and well, it's also a great time to completely let go of the pass, what does not work for you anymore. forgive. time to move on to something new.

it is a time of inventing and creating a new self. love self. there's enthusiasm and vitality. the energy is very encouraging. all i'm saying is embrace this new energy, be open to receive it (even if you don't feel it. set your intention). be in sync and in the flow of the energy and claim your power, be authentic. i am feeling this very strongly and am loving it. finally we get to be who we truly are. there is a sort of boldness and confidence in it too. this afternoon i did something that i would have never done in the pass, i spontaneously paid lunch for a complete stranger. i was shocked at my own action. i was finishing lunch when i saw an elderly man walking so slowly to his seat, his plate of rice was already brought to the table by the waiter. as i was at the counter paying for my meal, i simply told the cashier that i would like to pay for the "uncle". just like that.

anyhoo. this year, i encourage you to find your unique passion, your unique self and your voice and shine. because 2011 is showtime. things will get a move on.

welcome to your life!

i would like to end this post with this video. i did not know who katy perry is until today and i love this video! enjoy.

p/s. if you would like to share your one little word 2011 with me, with us, it's still not too late. i'd love to hear them.

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