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Thursday, 24 February 2011

fraser's hill

last weekend my parents came over, and we decided to go for a day trip to fraser's hill, which is about 3 and 1/2 hours drive from home. it was a fun day trip. i had wanted to go back to fraser's hill for a long time now, i used stay in fraser's hill a couple of days every other month when i was working with wwf malaysia many years ago.
we stopped for photos at sungai selangor dam, between kuala kubu baru and fraser's hill. this photo was taken through the fence.

the town centre's clock tower. fraser's hill is known for it's famous bird watching activity and there's an annual international bird race for bird enthusiast. i don't know much about bird names and i have forgotten quite a bit those that i learned. one thing i do know, the birds here are truly beautiful if you managed to see them.

black throated sunbird.

long tailed sibia, i recognised this right away by it's "singing". plenty here in fraser's hill.

jeriau waterfall. yes, we are waterfall fans. at least gene and i are. what better way to end our short trip than to enjoy the sound of nature.

on another note, i am trying hard to catch up on work. things to make for upcoming handmade market on the 5th march 2011, empire subang gallery. it's in my event page. i hadn't done much while mom and dad were here, we had so much fun. but i trust that all will be well, it's all good. i just do the best i can and everything else will fall into place just nicely. if you're free and around subang jaya, do drop by.

ok. that's my update, now back to the studio table.

p.s. so much goodness around here, i hardly am able to write down all of them, good thing blog friends do. my wonderful dinner with friends on zai's blog. the cake... ooh... the cake.


  1. "♪•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    I'm taken by your photos wishing right now I could hop on a plane and go see this for myself!:D


  2. Dearest sweet alison, your photos are just pure joy! Looks like a wonderful day with your lovely parents! Oh and i am looking forward to the empire subang gallery handmade market!! Would love to meet you there! :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and happy creating!! Love to you!

  3. Woderful pictures which have cheered me up on this damp dull morning here again in London! Flighty xx

  4. come over and chill out again...i'll get more mud cake for u :)

  5. rosell: come on over! and we can have a cuppa over at ye old smokehouse! it's so "englishy" :)

    jacqueline: i had a wonderful time with my family, beats away the funk i was in. yes, looking forward to meet you too, isn't this exciting and fun?

    flighty: hope spring comes soon. looking forward for more pictures from you of flowers and robins and all the still creatures hiding in the shed right now. xx

    bee: more cake? more pestos? what will the doctor say? LOL!

  6. Now age 63, I was at Fraser's Hill for Christmas 1962 and will never forget the fog, birdsong, jungle hikes, and the winding road to get there. Our guide showed us where the communists had (then recently) engaged in fighting at Fraser's. Loved your photos--they reminded me of one of the world's unusual places.


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