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Sunday, 27 February 2011

still creating goodies + nz

i'm still in the midst of selecting photos, editing, printing, cutting, putting pieces together, painting more rocks, varnishing, sun drying, and oh, making a d.i.y display thing/tray/shelf. not sure what to call it. but it is all coming together nicely. i think i am better prepared this time than my first open market. a more focused products, more confident, and having ample time preparing for it helps. i am looking forward to the handmade market by etsy malaysia at empire shopping gallery subang. it's this coming saturday! how time flies!

here's a sneak peak some of the goodies you'll find at mettaville's little booth this weekend.
necklaces with one little word (ok, some maybe two). take flight is inspired by kelly ray roberts of course.

rings, yes! we have rings! they are new. with many beautiful photos. above is a bee on tulip, a photo taken by gene during our trip to amsterdam in 2008.

i love flowers, nature. the stillness in nature speaks right into your inner essence and takes you right into that place you know so well. presence. and these photo necklaces and rings remind you of that place. it is also from this place that inspiration flows.

and i do take orders if you want to have photos of your loved ones on necklaces and rings. email me at hellomettaville[at]gmail[dot]com for details.

oh, but oh, with all the busyness, i have not forgotten our trip to new zealand too that's happening days away after the market. we almost went to jpj (our local road transport department) to get an international driver's license (for gene only) so he could drive in nz. we found out later that we don't need to as our license is valid to drive there. means both of us can drive. saved us RM150! we plan to rent a car and travel a bit.

my heart goes out to christchurch in the recent earthquake. i have a cousin living there with his wife and newborn son. praying and sending love their way. big shifts that moved earth and people into compassion and love. i pray things will only get better. when people open their hearts to love and work together to rebuilt what's lost, they gain so much more.

here's a video on nz. just pure love. sending lots of love your way nz!


  1. Dearest sweet alison, your creations are so beautiful! The rings are such a wonderful addition! Im so excited about your trip to NZ! I was so shocked about the quake at sad. My heart goes out to them too. Happy sunday! Love to you!

  2. Hi Alison - I came to say thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, and ended up staying for ages reading! I love the way you use photography in jewellery - I haven't seen that before. And am also interested in the intuitive/awakening consciousness side of your life, as this is something I'm developing myself at the moment.

  3. Hi Alison,

    I must come to your booth this Sat, and see and get some of your creative babies! Love the necklaces with the one-word inspiration!

    New Zealand's beautiful, I think it's very sad and unfair to its people that the earthquake hits the land bcos NewZealanders take very good care of its environment! I pray for your safety in your coming trip and enjoy the beautiful landscape and weather!

    Love to you!

  4. jacqueline: i am looking forward for our trip too. but need to focus on handmade market first :)

    tara: hi tara, thanks for coming by my blog. how wonderful that you're into conscious living as well. i'm sure we have much to share :)

    eva: oh! you coming? that is wonderful! can't wait to see you again. thanks for your prayers, we'll be careful when travelling in nz, mainly north island.
    see you soon!


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