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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

day of rest

tricycle, as seen at the sungai selangor dam

i'm taking a day off, doing absolutely nothing. no painting, no camera, no poking my hands and head at the studio table, no house chores (except ferrying my loves to and from work and college). even though i still have a lot to do. i realised what i really need is a good rest.

so here i am in bed, with kiki sleeping at my feet, surfing the net for some eye candy and a few good read. a couple of favourites:
- inspiring blog post by leoni over at superhero journal.
- visiting other people's homes.
- adding more favourites to my etsy profile, so. many. beautiful. things.
- listening to some nice tunes, joni mitchel, james taylor (love love love!), genesis etc. etc.
- reading up on things to do in auckland, new zeland. interesting 50 must dos?!

a really good rest day.
happy march everyone!

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  1. Dear alison-love this pic of the bicycle by the lake...I am so glad you are taking a rest...sometimes that's just what we need:)


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