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Monday, 7 March 2011

handmade market at esg

i had a wonderful day at the handmade market yesterday. and must say it is an improvement for my little shop. from this embarrassing products and no decoration stall to yesterday's display + new products. it's clean and simple, just the way i like it. i'd like to secretly think that it's mettaville's little "boutique" stall. i had taken the smaller table as i wasn't sure if i was going to have enough products to showcase and as it turned out, the d.i.y shelves fit perfectly on the table, i loved my little stall. here are some photos.
my sister helped mend the stall which i am so grateful.

some of the photo pendant necklaces

little square business tags/cards

angels hanging on branches waiting to be picked up by lovely people

the view from our little stall. there were only 3 small tables, the rest of the vendors had larger tables. beautiful display, beautiful products and amazing people behind them.
eva came to visit and i was so very happy that she did. my spirit flutter and lift a level up whenever friends and family come visit and give some support. the joy of sharing this happy moments mean a lot to me. thank you all who dropped by and say hi, you know who you are ;)

more photos of other vendors soon. some on my facebook page.

in the mean time, i will have to start making a "to do list" and "things to bring list" and "to buy list" for our new zealand holiday. am. so. excited! looking forward for a good break after working hard on the market. can't believe there was so much to do just to open up one tiny stall. but, oh i'll do it all over again given the opportunity in the future.


  1. Very nice! I was there in spirit.

  2. They are lovely.

    (I know it is you birthday somewhere around now - hope it is a happy one!)

  3. Nice blog :)
    i follow you, it would be nice if you would follow me too :)

  4. Dear me, have I missed your birthday? Hope not, but if I did, many belated returns on your special day!

    I am excited for you on your trip as well...getting closer! Can't wait for photos and posts about all the preparations for the upcoming holiday..

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  6. Hi Alison: Tried to PM you via FB but couldn't find the PM button. Anyway, want to ask - how much are your "angels"? Love them! I want to buy and send it to a friend (or friends actually!). Let me know the costs and I will figure out how many I want. It will be such a surprise for them!


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