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Friday, 25 March 2011

nz holiday photo story 2

meet "efy", our ride, a nissan bluebird, the hired car. she's been really good the whole trip.

on our journey down to rotorua, we made many stops to take photos of beautiful blue green + rolling hills + farmland.

cows, plenty of them

more wide open farmland + blue sky = can't resist photo taking moments

just standing there and taking it all in... *sigh*

it was noon, the sun made it a little less easy to take photos.

once in rotorua, we headed for skyline rotorua. lookie what we found? a samba van!! LOVE!!

this hill is part of mount ngongotaha, we get the view of rotorua city, rotorua lake and geothermal areas.

rotorua lake & city

closer view of lake and city.


  1. Enchanting idyllic photos. Thank you.

  2. Oh my is truly beautiful, Alison!!! Is it everything you thought it would be? And when will you and Gene be ready to move, lock, stock and barrel?

    I've got to tell you your photos look very much like the Cariboo here, in the Spring. The rolling hills and cattle and green, green fields are all the same, but the greenness only lasts a little while here because it is so dry. So then it's back to the colour gold!

  3. Wonderful views! Flighty xx

  4. lee: thank you sir for dropping by to visit me blog.

    marion: it's everything and so much more! if the big move is successful, it'll be a dream come true! yes wishing for lock, stock and barrel too!

    now i'm making a wish that we'll be able to visit you at the cariboo one day ;)

    kylie: it's lovely being there in person to experience it too.

    flighty: i hope i am able to share some of the wonderful scenery of new zealand to you flighty. i have no doubt that you'll love it here.


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