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Saturday, 26 March 2011

nz holiday photo story 3

next we visited te puia, new zealand māori arts & craft institute at the whakarewarewa thermal valley, rotorua. above is the pōwhiri (welcoming ceremony). we were lead to the sacred meeting house and enjoyed māori cultural performances.

some of the craft work around the area. beautiful.

love the details.

that boat was built and crafted straight from a tree and sits 22 people!

detailed carving in and on the boat. i'm starting to grow a liking on māori motives.

the national carving school, one can learn the knowledge of māori art, and pass down to the next generation. check out his earring!


  1. Alison, thank you for sharing these magnificent pictures.

    Red is one of my most favorite colors and these photos give off the good energy of this hue.

    Your pictures which show the skies and the land also make me want to visit New Zealand all the more!

    All best wishes for your move there. I have such a good feeling about it.

  2. That red is truly magnificent and the figures are so detailed. I've always had a fascination with Maori art and the history of the people.

    Your love and passion for New Zealand is coming through, Alison...I can see you living there so easily!

  3. cameron: thanks so much. you wishes means so much to me, we are keeping fingers crossed that the process will be a smooth one.

    marion: yes, the culture and art fascinates me too. i too feel that we will be happy there if we make it through.


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