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Monday, 28 March 2011

nz holiday photo story 5

this is the redwoods, whakarewarewa forest, rotorua. giant, gentle, wise and spectacular trees! this is among one of my favourite places. nothing but nature at its best. (photo taken by gene with canon 40d)

lots of tree hugging here. (photo taken by gene with canon 40d)

that's my redwood(red shirt+brown pants), hehe! (photo taken with canon 40d)

that's blue lake (tikitapu) and...

green lake (rotokakahi), they are side by side. the colours are really blue and green! amazing!

that's blue lake + happy me. (photo taken by gene with canon 40d)


  1. Stunning photos!! Those redwoods are amazing...we once had one growing in our backyard. This place seems very similar to Cathedral Grove on Vancouver favourite place for walking on the planet!

    Are those tree ferns surrounding the trees?

    You look over-the-top happy...I love the last photo!!! Such good memories you have from New Zealand!

  2. Wow, I like these a lot! All the trees and your happy jump up pose! :D

  3. Wonderful, I'm really enjoying all these photo posts! Flighty xx

  4. Wow! Love it! You look so happy :))

  5. marion: your favourite too? nice! yes, those are tree ferns, i call them "dinosaur tree", they too can live for a very long time.

    janet: thanks :)

    flighty: thanks, i'm beginning to wonder if i'm doing it a bit too much.

    kylie: yes! i was back then.


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