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Thursday, 7 April 2011

around here...

kiki's morning sun worshiping ritual...

still have not started work for crafty art market that i'll be joining 30th april.
a bit panicking as supplies i ordered from overseas will be a little late.
loud ringing in my left ear.
looking forward:
painting date with eva tomorrow morning.
dinner date with zai tomorrow evening.
life is good.
thank you thank you thank you.

p/s: you can view more photos of nz from gene's photo blog. the nz series starts with a photo of gannet.


  1. Love it! My dog rolls around on her back all the time - makes some really strange noises in the process like she's left us temporarily for some other realm. Who knows??

  2. dear Alison-I just LOVED looking at your NZ photos!!! I had heard that it was a nature lovers paradise and...I can see that it is!! How amazing..the oceans and lakes, the wide open! I want to go live there too! Or at least ....visit!
    Kitty looks like he's having a fun time too:)

  3. I fell in love with your cat with those pictures you took. Handsomest creature. Thank Q 4 coming for the painting date, it was so fun to have you around and play art together! Feels like I'm back to my childhood days, only the barbie dolls and legos are now replaced by art materials!

  4. flighty: thanks flighty.

    patty: LOL!! would love to see that! our dog makes funny noises when the truck passes by.

    soraya: it is paradise!

    eva: kiki is female, lol! her brother, genie, the one we lost was the handsomest boy cat ever!

    it was a fun day and thank you for inviting! :) pipit was a bonus huh?


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