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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

crafting for crafty art market

wind chime on our front porch

balancing crafting and energy pow wow and daily life... is all good.
loving each in breath and out breath.

i've been busy creating items for crafty art market. it's THIS saturday!!
new... magnets

here're our latest items, photo magnets! mixed media actually, i glued some empowered words for reminders that we need sometimes. making they're appearances this saturday at crafty art market. love these as they are so colourful. i don't have many of them so be sure to drop by and get your favourites.

i have more updates and photos of products on mettaville's facebook page, you're welcome to "like" the page and connect with me there.


  1. Dearest alison, looks like you have been a busy bee too crafting for art market! I love these new addition to your collection! The words are such a nice touch to them! Have a lovely merry happy day and see you at crafty art market! Love to you!

  2. Hi Alison, love the writings, so meaningful, My fav is "Walk love's way"! And they're so incredibly colourful and joyous!I'm happy you're catching up and in the flow, this must feels wonderful. See u at the market too!


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