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Saturday, 2 April 2011

nz holiday photo story 9

after leaving taupo, we drove towards hamilton, stopped by waitomo glowworm cave + ruakuri cave. it was the most amazing experience ever! we were spellbound!! we weren't allowed to take photos in the glowworm cave, so here's a video clip (taken from planet earth series) to show you what we saw, worms with glowing blue lights in their butts! bioluminescene. now we can happily say that we've been to where sir david attenborough had been. if you have not watch planet earth, go watch, it is a must watch set of videos (i've watched them many times). and if you plan to visit new zealand, do not miss this.
in the dimly lit cave, we walked a short distance and soon saw spots of blue lights above our heads, we got really excited (the best had yet to come), we walked further and our guide turned off all lights in the cave, it was pitch black, and lo and behold, thousands of blue light dotting all around us!!! it was truly magnificent! it's like looking at stars! then we got to ride on a boat and glided silently along the chilly cave full of glowworms! incredibly fascinating!!!

next is ruakuri cave, a limestone cave with amazing formations, millions of years in the making. and here too we were greeted with more glowworms, this time up close. really close. again certain part of the cave the lights were turned off and we only had the railings to hold on to with only blue dotted lights as guide. we could hear thunderous underground water beneath us, and then sound of people passing by... they were doing "black water rafting" (rafting in pitch black river caves!) (photo by gene, canon 40d)

stalactite and stalagmite form this beautiful underground cave. with fossils still intact in certain parts. i was in awe by the majesticness of the cave. (photo by gene, canon 40d)

next morning we visited hamilton garden. greeted by pretty white doves.

indian char bagh garden

italian renaissance garden

te para para
and flowers... i do not know the names of the flowers, if you do, i'd be happy if you can leave them in the comment.

lovely garden.


  1. Wonderful photos of a lovely place! I've really been enjoying these posts of your trip. Flighty xx

  2. flghty: thanks flighty, last post coming up. and i remembered you when i saw the plane, i thought maybe you'll like that one. last post is for you flighty!

  3. I knew the photos taken by you and Gene in New Zealand were going to be good...I had no idea HOW good! These are absolutely superb!!

    The caves took my breath away. The one of the blue flowers and the green moth is my favourite...I love it! It looks like New Zealand is a place of very diverse interests. I'm surprised at how big it seems!


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