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Friday, 27 May 2011

constant work in progress

i guess the painting marathon and exhibition have finally taken its toll. almost a week have passed, i am finally rested and recuperated. it was a great fun experience.
yours truly and eva, with the background of my work. (photo by gene, canon 40d)

the wonderful people behind small talk with the moon gallery, aiie (owner), me, eva, lara (owner) and vihn (gallery manager, curator and artist) with backdrop of eva's work. more photos on mettaville's facebook page. (photo by gene, canon 40d)

i've learnt more than just art and exhibition, i've also dug deep inside and excavated some old wounds that needed to be released. old conditioned thoughts that was time to let go. and how aptly themed - love's pilgrimage.

sometimes, situations show up that one can view as 1) inconvenient "problem", 2) a window of opportunity to transcend limitations and experience the path to awakenings.

when uncomfortable situations arise, they can be great wake up calls for one to shine, not through resistance but through clarity, little shifts in thoughts and choosing ways that flow with love, kindness and compassion. when i was faced with my own "perceived inconvenience", i felt the energy of "resistance" and it did not feel good. i became aware that it was events that have happened to me in the past that had me reacted that way (preconditioned), it was a cycle, i was aware of it, acknowledged it, grateful for it's presence and wish to end it. and so i did an experiment.

instead of putting my "resistance" wall up, i chose to shift my thoughts to more pleasant ones, my feelings changed. i brought my resistance wall down, was totally vulnerable and went along with an open heart of kindness and love. i tried to stay in the present moment and not even wanting to think of the "what if". i chose love and kindness, to myself (no more resisting) and to others (no matter what their intentions were).

as it turn out, well, i shattered my own "belief pattern" and the "perceived inconvenience", everything went well and in fact everything turn out better after that, much to my delight. this little experiment that i did, i can never know what really happen. because when one shifts ones perception and energy, the whole matrix (energy field) changed. another topic for another day.

i am so grateful for this opening to learning and experimenting, it is an interesting experience. i am after all a work in progress. i am human and i am learning to embrace my humanness and at the same time learning to transcend limitations that we humans have set for ourselves .

nz migration update: we have submitted our eoi (expressions of interest) to the nz immigration and now waiting for their reply. if we are not pick during the recent pool (where all eois from all over the world is), we will have to wait for the next one (selection is twice a month). recent news stated that the nz government has lowered the passmarks for skilled migrant category, which we filed under. which means they are in shortage of skilled workers(?) and encouraging more people to migrate to new zealand. what luck! :)


  1. I love all those arts and artsy people heartwarming to see like-minded people team up and produce amazing stuffs!

  2. Thank you for the update, Alison. It's lovely to see your creative paintings. What fun you've been having shines out of your pretty face!

    Interesting read about your "perceived inconvenience"...xo

  3. Wow, I like your paintings! I like the colours very much.. House with such paintings sure spice up the living..

  4. Dearest sweet alison, this is such a beautiful and very inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on things with us and sharing your exhibition experience. I am so so very HAPPY for you and sweet eva! Looking at all the paintings on the wall make my heart sing! I really like how you handle "resistance"...i practice that too!
    All the best with your NZ migration and i hope everything goes well for you and yours. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  5. hliza: it is an amazing experience ever! creativity just exploded everywhere with wild abandonment!

    marion: thanks marion. i do not know if i ever able to do it again. haha!

    janet: thank you so much janet. that motivates me. do you think i should continue panting?

    jacqueline: oh, we have totally forgotten to ask you if you would like to come friday! oh dear, so sorry dear friend. i will have a chat with eva to see when we can arrange a time to meet at the gallery. thanks again jacqueline. your work inspires me as well. you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Yes, why not? As long as you are happy with what you are doing.. You suprise me with your paintings, I must say.. I'm lovin it!

  7. i am glad i was there to witness your creativity, joy & passion.
    im proud of you girl! :)

    dont forget our cupcakes date soon ok?

    p/s: i saw the pics on FB, only have my back???? :(


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