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Sunday, 1 May 2011

crafty art market at jaya one

what a wonderful day at the art market! it was hot, it was humid, we were all sweaty and sticky but we enjoyed every minute of it.
that's our booth. grown much from our last market. some additions to our existing products, postcard photos, magnets and some new larger sized necklaces. my sister helped me mend the stall. she was selling muffins that she baked and they were good yum!

our new range of necklaces, vintage style cabochon necklaces and rectangle shaped necklaces.

what i love about being in art market is that i get to meet so many wonderful people. after months of cooping up alone at home making products, interaction with other creative souls was a great breath of change. it fills my heart with joy mingling around with other creative individuals who are kind, funny, supportive and inspiring. jacqueline of so cute it hurts came by and oh have i mentioned what a sweet person she is? so thrilled to be meeting jacqueline in person again.

i slipped from our booth to visit other etsy vendors and here's panpan of pupurin and manmanku. i know. the shop names are totally cutesies! we connect well as both of us are cat lovers and her signboards and cards are filled with cat cut outs - LOVE! i bought a sewing kit set which is so adorable! i can't wait to play with cloth and needles.

it's labour day for us in malaysia, happy labour day to malaysians, enjoy the long weekend! and have great weekend to all.


  1. Dearest sweet alison, it was indeed a very humid day but i did have fun at crafty art market and it's wonderful to meet you again! :) Your booth setting is always so gorgeous. I love it. :)
    I totally agree with you that meeting other creative souls are always inspiring and uplifting. Oh and im so happy with my inspiring magnet. :) A wonderful addition to my creative space. Have a lovely merry happy holiday sweet friend! Love to you!

  2. miao~~

    thanks for everything! :)
    and all the best for your exhibition!
    add oil add oil++

  3. Hello Alison,
    I Love the necklaces your selling at the art market.
    I am sure there are a lot of neat things being sold there.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!


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