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Saturday, 28 May 2011

the stories of the paintings

i wish to share with you the stories behind the paintings.
title: love - past, present, future
medium: mixed media on canvas
size: 20 x 20cm
status: reserved

this painting will remain as one very dear to me. it is a vision that i received of a past life, of myself and my friend ming. it was set in india, we were 2 little indian boys, ming is the taller one, and yes, i am the little shirtless boy. we were friends, at the beach together enjoying "the moment" of a beautiful sunset, it was quiet, it was calm and it was peaceful. no words were exchange, just "being" there together.

title: celebration tree
medium: mixed media on canvas
size: 30 x 30cm
status: sold

one of my favourite. this is a joyful painting, made with pieces of ang pow (red packets, known to be given out during auspicious occasions and celebration). i've chosen the word (xi, double happiness) as it is widely used during weddings, see the tiny blue love birds? there are 9 characters of double happiness 囍. in mandarin 9 is pronounced as "jiu", which sounds like another word in mandarin (久) that has the meaning of "long lasting". put them together and you have "long lasting happiness". if you look closely i have included some happy words too, literally translate as "haha", laughter, which is very important in any celebration in life. 乐 (le) also means happy. (xing) means to flourish, (chun) is spring, signifies a new beginning for the couple as husband and wife. and the tree? well, trees have always been close to man when having any celebration in their lives since before we can remember. it is our connection to earth, when we celebrate, nature/earth/life celebrates with us.

i would love to hear what you see in the paintings? please do share with me.


  1. 2 of my favourite and it's n/a anymore!

    The bright colours like red, yellow and orange etc that make me happy whenever I look at it.. I see hope and happiness :D

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  3. The first painting brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if I was feels very real to me, so real it gives me shivers! I love it, Alison, really!

    And the second painting just makes me feel happy! Well done, my dear friend...I can see you're going to be very successful. I can only hope to own one of your paintings one day! xo

  4. janet: yes, hope and happiness. yellow, red does bring lots of good vibrant happiness cheer! much yang energy!

    marion: oh, i am touched that you are touched by the painting. it feels very real to me too, though i can never verify if what i saw was real. but the feeling is so strong. maybe you were with us, i think/feel our being-ness are always in the past, present and future all at the same time.

    i sure wish so to be successful, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. i am just happy that what i create makes people happy.


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