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Sunday, 5 June 2011

joy, love, courage

small talk with the moon gallery

sharing session went great.
it is hard to explain in words what and when i do mettaworks. it is to be felt and experienced by one to know what it is. we had the most amazing and powerful experience during the session yesterday.

thank you to those who showed up. it was a really small group and our intimate small talk touched and opened hearts. i had a wonderful time sharing with you.


  1. Dearest sweet alison, i had such an awesome experience and time with you there! I am just so glad i had a chance to experience this and also to have a peek at your gorgeous work and also eve's work on the wall. Have a lovely merry happy sunday evening! Love to you.

  2. jacqueline: thank you for coming jacqueline, it was indeed amazing. am happy that you came.

  3. Hello Alison, What an adorable art gallery! I love it.
    Have a nice day!


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