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Sunday, 26 June 2011

weekend almost ending

kiki at the kitchen door looking out (mama cat at the background).

has it been a week since i last posted? i seem to be lost in time nowadays, cannot remember what day it is sometimes.

good news:
i am over the moon happy and honoured to be godmother of my dear friend kylie's newborn baby, adam. first time ever being asked to be a godmother and i'm clueless what's a godmother. but i'm happy to play fairy godmother and sprinkle some magic dust anytime.

mettaville will be participating in urbanscapes on 16 july 2011. i am so excited. apparently, it is the mother of all art market show. a festival! it includes all kinds of artists, bands, singers, film makers, photographers etc. and they are expecting about 12,000 people! 12,000??!!! i'm not sure if i have enough goodies to sell, but i'll do my best. it's only 19. days. away!!

the big move update: nothing yet. what's happening is the nz immigration is doing their preliminary checks on all the information that was submitted to determined the claims in the eoi (expressions of interest) are credible. after all that is done, only then they will issue an ita (invitation to apply) for residence. so, more waiting.

in the mean time, i'm busy creating goodies.
lucky stars earrings.

i won't be listing them in etsy, you'll find them in urbanscapes. i have only 10 pairs of earrings to be grabbed during the festival. seriously, only 10 pairs!

ok... back to my creative table to do some work.

happy weekend!


  1. Wow... Urbanscapes is only 19 days away?!!! I better get cracking and work harder too! I am super sure I don't have enough things to sell :P

    Hugs, girl :) I'm sure we'll have lotsa fun that day! :)

  2. Dearest sweet alison, kiki is really so beautiful! Congratz on being a cool is that!! :) And im really excited about your urbanscapes participation. All the gorgeous earrings you whipped up are really beautiful. I am sure your goodies are gonna be a hit! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  3. evelin: just do the best we can. yup, i'm sure we will have a blast! looking forward to it.

    jaqueline: thanks so much jaqueline, i've never been to urbanscapes, so lets hope it's a good one.


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