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Thursday, 14 July 2011

of urbanscapes and visitors

heart magnets

i am taking a rest from work for a bit. i have been working non stop for the past few days creating and preparing for urbanscapes. the heart magnets are the latest addition, i am so loving these cuties, they look like candies ready to eat! i have other magnets of various shapes coming next, can't wait to show you once they are done. they are still in the making. i hope they'll be ready in time for urbanscapes this saturday. the excitement is building, along with a little nervousness. so much more to do. i hope you'll come find me and say hi.

kiki snoozing on the speaker shelf.

last weekend i had a "miracle club" session with my friend anna. we came up with that name as both of us are believers of magic and miracles. we chatted online as she's in toronto, canada. despite the distance, we always have a blast whenever we do energyworks. the session that day was amazing! one that i have never experience before, the energy that was present was truly highly charged that sent waves of love and light. every time i do a session, i'm always in awe and wonder of the magic and energy, it gets better and stronger each new session. i do feel the energyworks that i am doing is getting stronger by the day.

yesterday while i was meditating and doing energyworks, sending love energy out, i heard from my guides saying, "they are here" and immediately i sensed presence. very high energy beings. it felt like i was in a high energy vortex. consciousness space was different and i could see them in my mind's eyes. there were three of them yet they were also one. it is hard to explain their presence in words. it has been long since i was visited by high energy beings. they last appeared quite some time ago but said nothing. this time they had a lot to share.

i shall not share with you as i feel it is not yet time. the interesting experience was that the information was infused into my being, it is not like how one would share in human ways. it was more like an infusion, it's like i was absorbing and getting and knowing in all of my energy being. again, it is hard to explain in words. i also get that "yes" feeling, the trust and comfort and assurance that everything is going to be ok.

well, everything IS going to be ok, for you, for me and every one and every being.

now i better get back to work.


  1. You bet it'll all be ok...I feel that, too. What a marvellous experience, Alison! I know about that amazing high energy is not explainable in words, at least not for me, heh! I had a dream very like this awhile ago...there were three, in my dream, as well. Superb!!

    Your hearts are lovely..I can see them all grouped in a wonderful bowl...xx

  2. whoa! Great post, Alison. I love the hearts--and am inspired by your energy work. And your creative energy!!!! Feels like you are in such a fertile and joyful place. Peace to you!! xo amy

  3. They look good, and I love the photo of Kiki! Flighty xx

  4. Beautiful post and a big thank you to you for visiting and commenting my blog.

    Whereabouts in New Zealand will you be going to?

  5. Alison,
    I LOVE the hearts. I felt all that LOVE coming my way.

  6. Alison, can you keep the hearts for me..and the snowflakes rings too..I need big size I think. Let me know how much..oh you can SMS me too later. I'm always in awe reading about your energy's something hard for me to imagine..but I'm glad it made you feel good and love is always an infectious feeling..coz reading your post make me feel great too..hehe..

  7. Dearest sweet alison, oh my i am loving your gorgeous new creations!! I bet they were sold out at Urban! I heard from sweet eva that it was amazing and the crowd was awesome. :) Can't wait to hear all about it from you.

    I've been trying to do some mediation and sending love energy to my self and my little plant. Okay i still get really mind couldn't seem to find that peace and quietness. Eva gave me a tip yesterday night about im gonna give that a try today! :)

    Have a lovely merry happy sunday sweet friend and rest lots today. Love to you!

  8. Ah, thank you so much for posting this! I am working on enjoying the moment and not worrying about the future so I am glad to hear others have peace about the future too.

    And I could NOT have those magnets in my house - they are so perfect like candy, I don't know if I could resist the temptation to try them!

  9. marion: thanks marion, you always make feel so much better with your words.

    amy: fertile and joyful place indeed, and i am so grateful. thinking of you always my friend.

    flighty: i am happy they were well accepted at the market too.

    michele: thanks for stopping by my blog. we're not sure yet where we'll settle.

    eydie: hi eydie! thanks for stopping by. i'm happy that you like the hearts as well.

    hliza: i've reserved your pretty candy heart magnets. will send them to you soon. and thanks so much dear friend.

    jacqueline: oh yes, big crowd. and eva was so sweet to stopped by and chat a little. on the meditation, lol, take it easy sweet jacqueline. slow and easy... :) happy that eva helped.

    emma: hey emma, welcome to my blog. i am learning to not worry too much about the future too. thanks so much for your sweet comments of my magnets :)


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