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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

thoughts and other things

i feel so empty, as if you could hear a pin drop inside of me. is it the energy changes that is making me so? i am not sure, but sure feels like a big re-boot going on.

other observation, human's mental and emotional faculties are the most amazing and sometimes can be the most challenging thing ever. sometimes i like to watch these faculties at work, like a third person watching them float by. the endless incessant thoughts, the mood swings. fascinating how these can affect a person. did you know a person can have about 60,000 thoughts in a day? just think (pun intended), how many percentage of those thoughts are we using to bring us more joy and love? our lives are driven by our thoughts and emotions, they are tools. use them wisely.

anyhoo... i am still in the midst of preparing for both urbanscapes and the big move. here are some goodies you will find in mettaville in the upcoming urbanscapes.

the big move update: i have to say, i am a lucky girl. gene is super organize and efficient with the documentations. though at one point we lost our way trying to find the ministry of foreign affairs in putrajaya to get our clearance certificates, it was compensated with the speedy process of getting them. going to old colleges and working places to get more documents, making phone calls and driving around town doing the necessary things. it was busy few days. the first batch of documents were couriered to immagine nz, auckland. and now we wait. some more.


  1. "sometimes i like to watch these faculties at work, like a third person watching them float by."...I do this, as well. I've been up and down and all over the place, Alison, I'm feeling battered and empty as well.Perhaps it is necessary in order to receive. Hang in there, sweetie, I know it's intense..xx

  2. Hello Alison,
    Take your time and work through your feelings.
    We all go through these periods in our lives, and many times.
    I really like your photos. The earrings are very pretty.
    Wishing you a pleasant and calming evening,

  3. Dearest sweet alison, i hope you feel better and that the empty feeling is long gone. I am loving all your new creations and best of luck with urbanscapes! I am so happy about your big move and i am also glad it will take a while before you fly for it leaves me time to catch up with you. Have a beautiful weekend and love to you!

  4. Oh those snowflakes rings will capture it captured mine! Good luck Ali, I hope you'll get the best out of this Urbanscape..and I really hope to meet you again before the big move. Do let me know early please. Hugs!

  5. Hi Alison,

    I've been going through sum inner cleansing too and have been needing lots of quiet. I hope you're all ready for urbanscapes, i can't wait to visit the market this saturday and be inspired by all d creative works! Need 2 budget b4 going so I don't buy the whole house down! =)


  6. marion: i am feeling so much better now. yes, empty adn receive. i guess that's how it is :)

    lydia: yes, i am constantly working on myself, what an amazing life this is. hope you have a pleasant day too

    jacqueline: thanks jacqueline. i keep reminding myself one step at a time. and breathe. hope to catch up with you soon too. love to you.

    hliza: thanks. yes, we have to meet. i still have a good year i think. will let you know and call me when you're in KL.

    eva: thanks! i am doing my best. oh yes, do drop by and say hi. agree have to budget, i bet there'll be tons and tons of goodies! cant wait to see you! xx


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