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Friday, 16 September 2011

10 things i love about malaysia

happy malaysia day!
my attempt in making nasi lemak. photo taken in 2008.

here are 10 things i love about malaysia:
1. the FOOD (roti canai, tosai, curry mee, banana leaf rice that has to be eaten with fingers, laksa, lemang, prawn mee, cendol, abc...)
2. the people, generally the people are super nice, friendly and helpful.
3. the culture and the colours are spectacular.
4. nature, the best beaches and cool highlands, not forgetting the lush green forest and amazing waterfalls.
5. manglish! the "lah", "mah", "meh", "lor", "alamak", "ta pau", "ayoo", "eh" etc. i really love manglish!
6. the food (nasi kerabu, nasi briyani, tau fu fah, lei char, lok lok, devils curry, roti jalar, rojak...)
7. the holidays! many public holidays for celebrations, yes, malaysians take their celebrations seriously.
8. the progress, it may not be as far fetched as some other countries but i'd say it is at a good and comfortable place.
9. the kampung (villages), houses on stilts where chickens, ducks, goats and cows roam free.
10. did i mention the food? (char koay teow, c'hing t'ng, pan mee, teh tarik, the list is endless) oh! and the 24 hour eateries in very corner in the city and suburbs.

have a good weekend!


  1. I made nasi lemak too today! (I think I made good one hehe!). I love all the things you love too..still remember how all of us crazily crowd over a nasi lemak stall we found in Singapore Airport after a week in NZ last two years..we miss malaysia's pride! Happy Malaysia Day Ali..

  2. I love it all too! :DD
    The nasi lemak look delicious! Roy keeps saying that he wants to eat as he loves nasi lemak too~ :"DD

  3. I <3 Malaysia for all of the same reasons and MORE! hehehe. So appreciate this one of a kind country!

  4. You've made me want to visit Malaysia, Alison! The first thing I want to do is taste the food (you've described it so well!) and the next is to learn manglish! xx

  5. hliza: haha! i look for nasi lemak too after we were back from our nz holiday :)

    janet: roy loves nasi lemak? wow! that is too cute! he eats the hot sambal?

    eva: malaysia one kind wannn... :P

    marion: i think you'll love it here. and as for manglish, it isn't difficult to learn lah. :)


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