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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

it's all ok

rangitoto island, new zealand, march 2011

much has been happening in the pass week. challenges and bumps. for every challenge that i encounter, i learn to see it in a different perspective, as a blessing. i learn to respond in the light of love instead of anger. no matter how unpleasant it becomes, i try to keep my balance and stay in my heart center. every challenge is an opportunity to grow spiritually, to learn more about compassion and loving kindness and to actively practice it. it is how kind and compassionate one becomes in treating one another, that is the only way to live in peace and harmony.

all shall come to pass. that mantra keeps repeating itself. i am ok. everything is ok.

the big move update: gene has finally got his medical report yesterday and it's clean. he is healthy. good news on our nzqa (new zealand qualification authority) too, which met the requirement after it was assessed. next, we'll be filling up more forms and mailing out the medical reports to immagine new zealand. more assessment by the nz government. more waiting time. mean while, i'll keep on dreaming.... isn't the photo above just gives you a sense of calm and peacefulness?

energy update: it has been wild. some common experiences is the flu/fever symptoms, head ache, back ache and tension around the neck and shoulder ect. the intensity is getting stronger which can cause mood swings. every emotion that one experience will be magnified, so please, do not be too hasty to react. step back a little, take deep breaths and calm down before responding. time is speeding up. things are changing. big changes coming real soon. expect the unexpected.

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  1. Dearest sweet alison, yes it's all ok and all shall come to pass! Loving the positive energy you are spreading here! So glad the big move is moving right along and so far so good! As for the energy update, gosh that was exactly how i felt that pass 3 weeks!! Flu/fever, headache, backache, tension around the neck and named it...i felt it! Im just so glad things are much better this week! Have a lovely merry happy thursday night sweet friend! Love to you!


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