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Saturday, 22 October 2011

the universe speaks

through light, sound and colours. and feelings.
we were greeted with a beautiful rainbow this morning. absolutely a joy to just stand and stare.

gene's grandmother passed away last weekend. she was 92.

i have been both in my lowest point and higher (if not highest) point this month. i am thankful for friends who shower me with their love. i am also thankful for those who showed me ways on how i can be better.

 i am not a perfect person, but i strive to be a good human being.

energy update: the energy is building up again. please be very mindful of your thoughts, action and speech. again, the best quick "break" is to stop and just breathe. we are in for a roller coaster ride from here onwards. there will be lots of surprises both personally and on a global scale. keep the love alive and share it with everyone and every being you meet. it will be a joyous celebration once we get through the ride. a momentous event. i am so excited. "we are the ones that we've been waiting for" rings ever louder. and also keep your heart and mind open for the new ways of living soon.

stay true to yourself.


  1. Life seems not that easy huh? Same here..I guess same everywhere..LOL. It's lovely that you get to see that rainbow..I love rainbows too...they make you feel amazed..and feel the love for the universe. Hugs Alison!

  2. I am sorry to hear the news about gene's grandmother. My condolence.
    Thank you for the advice: please be very mindful of your thoughts, action and speech.
    You take care and smile! :D

  3. What a lovely full bow - thanks for sharing!! Sending positive energy your way....

  4. Dearest sweet alison, i am so sorry for your lost of gene's grandmother. Sending you lots of love and prayers your way.
    I love that rainbow photo lots..such a perfect time to see it. Thanks so much for your advice on the energy side and the reminder to stop ad breath! Have a beautiful sunday and love to you!

  5. Wonderful rainbow, I've not seen one in ages! Flighty xx

  6. hliza: hey liza, life is as it is. all good. i love rainbows too.

    janet: you take care too my friend.

    patty: thanks! you have a wonderful day!

    jacqueline: rainbows are among my favorite things. have a great day sweet friend.

    flighty: me too. xxx

  7. Hi Alison: Have you listened to Bandari before? Lovely music, soothing and moving. Music will perk you right up! By the way, where are you moving to?

  8. krista: i checked bandari on yourtube, hello?! like like like!
    we are in the process of applying to move to new zealand. wish us luck!


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