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Monday, 28 November 2011

some kiki-ness

taking a little break from sewing. playing with the camera makes me happy. here's kiki. 
she likes to lounge around at the glass door and look outside.

on other stuff...
what is it like for an expat to be living in malaysia? irene hoff from netherlands shares her experience. she blogs at bloesom living, a beautiful design blog. here's her perspective.
part one: living in kuala lumpur... the good
part two: living in kuala lumpur... the bad
part three: living in kuala lumpur... the beautiful

she got it right on how malaysians love their FOOD (note the cap). and the holidays! which by the way is a holiday today, monday. life is good here in malaysia.


  1. patty: she's an angel! thanks for stopping by patty.

    flighty: she sure is! xx


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