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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

wet november

it is still raining every day.

a very wet november.

getting my hands on sewing. thinking i could make some cute stuff for my first "arts for grabs" event in less than 3 weeks. the sewing machine (mom in law's) broke down before i even started.

anyhoo, time for some dreaming.
so wishing to have a studio like this.
i re-watched contact (1997) just recently and still love the movie. consider this scene.

and for some update.
energy update: the big love 11.11.11 energy was a powerful one. it knocked me down with fever and flu and all. i am still feeling tired. exhausted. it's integration time, we are being re-wired with the blast. it'll take a while for the dust to settle. it has open doors for some wonderful changes coming to the planet. heart centered changes. i am feeling it. my heart chakra is working overtime. and i am feeling so vulnerable and sensitive right now.

big move update: our application has reached immigration nz shanghai branch since mid october. we're waiting to be assigned to a case officer, which could take months. so far one medical document was incomplete and we had to rush back to the hospital to get it done and couriered back to them. they are very meticulous and thorough. praying we'll get a nice friendly and kind officer. wish us luck and send some good vibes over!


  1. I'm sorry to see that you've not been feeling too well and hope that you're better now. Flighty xx

  2. flighty: i am well now and doing craft work for my upcoming art market. busy + happy times.

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