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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

sew busy

december turns out to be the busiest month for me. oh how i miss quiet times, journaling and blogging. but i am also having fun attending art markets. "art for grabs" was amazingly fun! i've uploaded some photos on my facebook page.

i was finally caught up by the sewing bug. i made some hanging ornaments for markets in december.   
my mom was a super supporter, she (and dad) came for a visit while i was in the midst of the sewing frenzy and helped me did some sewing too. she went to my dad's car and brought these out. she collected mini sewing kits from who knows where and... store them in the car?!! you know... just in case she needs them!

if you missed us at "art for grabs", you can find us at "markets @ jaya one" this weekend. it will be our last market for this year.

few things i need to wrap up before the year ends (already?!), but that will be another blog post.

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