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Sunday, 4 December 2011

sky watch

the sky was amazingly beautiful this evening.  this is to the east.

 north east. there were hair thin streaks of lightning and light rumbling. it was as if there was a mothership hiding behind those clouds. cloaked. i'm not skillful to take lightning shots.
   clouds swallowing the moon.

below are shots from gene with his canon 40d. amazing cloud formation. breathtaking to see it in real. it was magically massive.

 to the west, clouds were stretching and reaching out to the evening sun.

 the colour changed so fast.

there were dark clouds on the east side but they just passed and the sky was clear within half an hour with no rain in sight. i was totally in awe and felt uplifted.


  1. Wonderful! I don't see anything like that here. Flighty xx

  2. OH, ALISON! These are beautiful, truly celestial photographs! Thank you.

  3. Oh, my...these photos take my breath away. How stunning!

    I often think of the mothership behind massive colourful clouds such as these. Especially when, as you say, I feel uplifted after seeing them. Awesome! Thanks so much, sweetie...xx

  4. flghty: they were really beautiful! xx

    cameron: thank you. i am happy you liked the photos.

    marion: wouldn't it be amazing if/when they show up?


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