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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

hot week

barley lemon + lots of ice

monsoon has passed. we're having super hot weather right now. i've been busy catching up with friends, spending some time with my parents, and right now major spring cleaning going on at home. it's day 4 with more stuff to clean, wash (the hot weather helps with the drying of my curtains), de-clutter and re-organised. feels good to have fresh energy at home.

started the new year with learning something new. hand stitched book. a small intimate class taught by evelin of angelicquirk at her home. i love the one i made below. i enjoyed the class and looking forward to making more books. my very own hand made journals! love!!

hand stitched journal

energy update: the full moon energy is very powerful! it is here to help release all that no longer serves us. we only need to release and let go. do not resist. let the energy flow through and do it's thing. some common symptoms are body ache, back ache, shoulder and neck, parts of the head, flu like symptoms. all shall come to pass. do deep breathing and drink lots of water. i would suggest to have some quiet time about 10 minutes to just sit and watch your breath, mindfully relax every part of your body. do intention to release old wounds, old thought patterns, old beliefs, this life and past lives, either conscious or unconscious ones. gently let them go. thank them for they have served their purpose. now it is time to move forward. a new and better life story awaits.

big move update: we received an email from our newly appointed case officer from immigration nz shanghai, china office. yay! well, the email was just to inform us that she was assigned as our case officer and that she'll be going through our application. after many months of quiet, any little update is a happy update!


  1. Beautiful hand-bound book!

    I have a strong feeling that 2012 is going to be a year of Big Changes for you.

    All best wishes,

  2. Thank you for your insight of the energy update. I really need that and hope I could do that too :"D

    Happy spring cleaning! :DD

  3. cameron: thanks! oh, i feel it too! looking forward to happy changes.

    janet: you're welcome. we all need some reminder from each other.

  4. I knew about the hand-stitched book class and quite like it..maybe one day. This year I'll be into journals and scrapbook..wish i can try hand-stitching my journals but am not going to do things that I know later I'll stop halfway; like sewing class! We'll see how! I love yours and the nice floral pattern..I'm into loving papers too nowadays..See what you crafty people had infected me!


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