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Saturday, 28 January 2012

more kiki + updates

all is well in kiki land. no more fancy hats.
a happy cat is a healthy cat. we spend some time playing with kiki everyday which involves a brush, a cardboard among other homemade toys, sometimes playing hide and seek behind the door or staircase, jumping at each other.

also, lots of photo sessions when she's looking innocent and cute.

like these. notice the stubborn whisker that flips upwards like a moustache? love that! (all photos taken by gene.)

energy update: fuyuh! (manglish version of "wow"!) what a week it has been! the solar storm on monday did quite an upheaval! i was down with head ache, feeling nausea and tired, the rest of the week was spent napping in the afternoon. many people experience different symptoms which includes physical, mental and emotional discomfort. relationships and communication issues. the big whoosh of energy turned some upside down inside out. it is also helping some make a clear and distinct decisions on certain things. while many others may also not feel a thing. all is good.

big move update: we've received an email from the nz immigration case officer in shanghai, requiring us to send more documents. as our consultant from immagine nz points out it is a pedantic request, we will have to play their game. oh well, i will just have to look at a different perspective, that big u is preparing us for the right timing for our big move. we have been in the last couple of days preparing the documents and will be sending them out soon. and more waiting.

hope your week has been pleasant. have a good weekend!


  1. Lovely pictures of a lovely cat!
    I've had an okay week thanks, and here's hoping that we all have a good weekend. Flighty xx

  2. I couldn't believe how much I slept last week, lol!!! The energies coming in were fairly intense for me, although others were more so. I agree things are becoming clearer to me, as well. As you say, all is good!

    Yes. You want to go to New Zealand when all has been cleared out of your way. I think both you and I are learning patience, although I would have thought I'd have learned it by now, haha!

    New Zealand is so close, Alison, just a few more things to clear up!

    The photos are absolutely adorable! xx

  3. flighty: happy week flighty!! xx

    marion: i am still feeling the energy and still feeling tired most times. we'll just have to go through it. yup, all clear and all good to go, due time. i'm imagining big U preparing the right location, home, work and community for us. big U and the team, you know... ;)


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