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Thursday, 23 February 2012

goodbye big tree

our new neighbour decided to cut down the "yellow flame" (copperpod) tree which sits in front their house where we have a good view of. we will miss the shade it provides, as well as the good company of little friends - birds, bugs and bees, shrews, sometimes cats and other little animals. definitely will miss the birds singing while resting and also the beautiful yellow flowers when it's in full bloom.

work started early in the morning, stretch till noon and only finish just before sundown.

this is what is left, one young branch.


  1. I hate seeing trees cut down! At least they are leaving a little part of it - hopefully it will thrive and keep some of the critters too. You got some great shots!

  2. Dearest sweet Alison, i love tress and i also love how they provide shades on very sunny days. So sorry this beautiful tree had to go! I hope you are doing good and is having a wonderful sunday! Looks like it's gonna rain anytime...maybe i should take a nap. It's good for the soul. :) Happy sunday sweet friend and love to you!

  3. patty: i'm ok with it, things change and we learn to adjust. it is getting too old and too big and would be dangerous when there's a storm.

    jacqueline: i had a good sunday afternoon nap too! and what a storm it was! hope you're enjoying the days and as always love your way!

  4. I love these photos, Alison...I've been catching up on your blog. Wow, such creativity! So happy to see it!

    The tree will rejuvenate and eventually give you shade and the birds and animals will love it even more. Loved the yellow flowers it has...what a beautiful tree! xx


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