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Sunday, 18 March 2012

good news are music to my ears

curious magpie near our house. we wake up to magpies singing every morning! love it!

i received a happy news this week. here's the story...

i met L and her brother M around mid of last year. M (19-20 years old) was distraught, depressed, suicidal. and so we had a session of energyworks, he literally got "electrocuted" during the "zapping" with sudden jerk of his body. i met M for the second time a few days later and did another session with him. then he went back to his university up north. the message for him during the session was "play your violin", it was repeated many times (and i sounded like a broken record!).

a few months later i got a text message from M, saying that he was doing better, life was better. he was playing and teaching violin to kids! i thought - wow!

two days ago i got a text message from L, M's sister, wanting to buy me a ticket to M's violin performance in KLCC MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra)!!! i went WOW! OMG! WOW! OMG!!! she and family are thankful for my help to M. i told her that i only did my small part, M took action and did it all on his own. i am so so happy for M!!! i really am. wow! MPO!!! i am so looking forward to seeing M's performance!

when i got the text message from L, i teared up! i really am so very happy for M!!

unrelated topic.

i made a necklace for zai for her birthday. usually when i make gifts for close friends, i'll infused loving energy and prayers to the items - a touch of magic! this time i've included a special message on a tag, which if the person is aware enough will "get it", because the message is just right for the receiver. so far, the magic is working!

have a happy weekend!

p/s: thanks so much for the lovely birthday wishes! means a lot to me.


  1. So touched to hear the story about M. You are really magical!

  2. credit has to go to ones that take action! :)


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