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Saturday, 3 March 2012

we met gandalf...

the bus! yes, the bus has a name (printed at the side of the door, can you see?), we saw mini buses of merry and pippin too!

this month marks a year since our holiday to new zealand! it feels like just not too long ago and at the same time it feels like ages ago that we were there. time - is a strange phenomenon.

what i didn't blog about last year was that we went to hobbiton (movie set of lord of the rings ) in mata mata, it was actually our first stop, sight seeing with a small group tour. they made us sign an agreement that we would not share photos and videos of hobitton in the internet or anywhere, as they were at that time about to start shooting "the hobbit" (while ironing out some issues with the nz government). so i didn't share anything, but oh yes we took loads of wonderful photos of the shire, bag end (bilbo baggins's house), colourful hobbit houses and the party tree. it was amazing to be in the set of "lord of the rings".

after the tour ended we took a ride again on gandalf the bus to town and was held up by hundreds of sheep! it's not in hobbiton, so it's ok to share. here's a video, it's shaky but still fun to watch.

 you can go to the hobbit movie facebook page and view some of the videos.

big move update: nothing so far. our consultant says to wait for a few more weeks.

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  1. Dearest sweet Alison, oh my has it been a year? WOW time sure flies. OH OH OH how lucky to be able to visit hobbiton!! Must be really awesome! I really LOVE your video..i am a HUGE fan of sheep! :) Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend and love to you!


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