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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

work and rest

making journals

well, i'm back in my creative space and whipping up some goodies, mainly journals. when i have the energy to create, i seized the moments and just do, do and do, but when strong energy hits, like today, i could do nothing much but surrender to the need of the body to rest. the body is just an amazing piece of engineering, it knows exactly what it needs and when it needs it. i've been drinking lots of water lately too. the thirst! oy!

doodles in my journal

the energy has been really strong and i feel it's building up. so keep hydrated. water isn't just for quenching thirst, it helps to integrate and re-align your energy and that of your surrounding. water is also a carrier of information. energy is information. listen to your body. it is your house, your holy temple, church. it is sacred. treat it well.

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