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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

hello may

i've been busy. many things are happening around here. good things. i am blessed to be receiving many custom orders for the journals and magnets. thank you so much fir your kind support. and the energyworks is keeping me up on my toes! i am learning to balance everything as best i can. feeling very grateful indeed.   bought myself an apron from daiso, polka dots! i cannot resist when i saw this cutie. happily wearing it when i do craft and art work.

 while cleaning & tidying up my creative space, i did a quick diy project that i had wanted to do but have been putting it on hold. this box is where i keep some of my supplies. not so nice, i know.
i've also been keeping leftovers gift wrapping papers over the years, you know the ones that are too small to wrap any good sized present but too pretty to throw (recycle) them, so i randomly pasted them on the box.

 the result... funky colourful supply storage box. i am loving it. it is so much more cheerful than the original look. (after finishing, i noticed the hearts are upside down!)

if you wish to help fund my meditation retreat and at the same time giving some cool handmade items to your loved ones, you can buy my hand stitched journals or photo magnets. just send me an email at for more info. i'll be posting some new journals up for sale in my facebook page. thanks a gazzilion!

energy update:
wow! the energy has been blasting left right top bottom centre and swirling all around. it's growing stronger by the day. i am feeling it, the energy waves moving and sweeping my whole body, heart palpitation and vertigo among others. what is happening is that our bodies are being re-wired, re-aligned, re-whatever to receive the incoming energies. to help transform us to be the beings that we truly are and to be ready to play our roles fully connected in our hearts. the coming energies between the full moon of 5 may and 4 june will be especially strong and powerful, be ready to see some great changes, be it personal, community, nation and global.

if you are feeling in a rut, caught up in dramas or refuse to let go the old ways of thinking and doing things (fear based), you are going to be blasted off your ruts! everything that does not align with who you are is going to fall away, quickly and rudely if you choose not to heed and take action.

change takes courage and start with small steps. how to take the first step? intention. intend that you wish to change for the better, state what you wish to do. if you do not yet know what to do then ask to be guided to your hearts desire. when you send out your intention, you send out to the energy field/universe/matrix/god/ect. that will help present opportunities and open doors. also start by doing things that you love, that makes you happy. when you are happy, your energy field expands and you're able to reach out to more happy things, happy things will be attracted to you (like attract likes). don't take my word for it, do some experiment and experience for yourself.

one last bit. as the energy intensifies, so does the things that you focus on. focus on "love" and it will expand and you'll be in a space of more love and happiness, if you focus on "fear" (drama, anger, hatred, jealousy etc.) it will expand too and it is not a pleasant experience. so choose wisely where you put thoughts and energy in.  

be mindful, be happy, stay in love.


  1. Some wise words here, Alison! Lots to think about. I have been trying to stay more focused with my intentions. It's not always easy! Love your new happy box and apron!!

  2. Thank you for your update! Need a lot of practices and yeah, stay focus! :"DD

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  4. patty: i am learning, always always and always. sometimes i find it helpful to have like minded friends to keep each other motivated and i am so thankful for my lovely friends.

    janet: yes, i am practicing too, we are all walking the path of self awareness.


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