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Thursday, 24 May 2012

solar eclipse's blast

it seems this blog is growing weeds and crickets are singing! haha!
i am out and about, with a few more orders of journals to complete. i've also been meeting people and attending workshops and gatherings just to get a feel of this a new adventure that i'm into, not sure if i'll continue so that's why i'm not blogging about it just yet. but i do have one happy news that i'll share when time is right. other than that life is pretty awesome!
 did you manage to see the solar eclipse? we were not able to but i felt the energy though, huge strong downpour of energy! had me flat on my bed, i am still recuperating.

life is pretty much happy for everyone, kiki with her usual morning roll in the backyard.

chewie shying away from the camera as usual.
i made these for my teachers. reverend mahinda and sister sumangala.
an etsy order which is going to australia! yay! this is a bigger size journal, 15cm x 25cm.

energy update: the solar eclipse's energy is still having it's effect on us, drink lots of water! be with nature, exercise - move your body, meditate, spend some quiet time alone and rest when your body tells you to. it's integration time, your body is receiving and assimilating to the new energy waves. you may experience unusual sleep patterns and having weird dreams or the usual pain in your body. it will pass.

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  1. Dearest sweet alison, i am so happy to hear that things are really going good for you. :) The journals you made are really beautiful.
    I've been feeling under the weather lately which prevented me from blogging. blog visiting. and creating. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon! Love to you!


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