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Saturday, 14 July 2012

meditation is hard work

one of the mornings after meditation. beautiful sunrise.
some days i have good sittings, some days are really unpleasant, i struggled. being mindful of breath can be hard work. but it always feels good after meditation. being diligent and patient in the practice helps build momentum, mindfulness and energy, it has that incremental effect. especially during this intense energy and changing times where old "stuff" (mental, emotional issues that ties with physical pain) are surfacing for me/us to clear away. meditation really helps me to get to the bottom of things so to speak and to clear, let go, forgive, send love.... 

 i made another journal/log book to jot down my meditation experiences. just in case i finish my first one during retreat. i added a tiny heart on this one. love!

metta journal/meditation log book.

have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. LOVE your little book! And I so admire your discipline in meditation. I am really a newbie at it but am discovering it's power. Yesterday was my first day back in my special meditation space and it just felt like home!

  2. Hi Alison
    What a cute journal!
    I love it!
    have a great day


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