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Thursday, 2 August 2012

awesome august

big move update:
email from our consultant...

"Dear Eugene, 
I hope you are well. 
Congratulations, you have been Approved in Principle for a New Zealand Resident Visa."

woohooo! we passed! wonderful news for beginning of august!! next we'll have to submit our passports in order for our resident visas to be endorsed, but not until i return from sri lanka. we have till end of january 2013 to do that. so more waiting but we're just so glad we've been successful in our application. more work to be done. so much more.

last couple of weeks have been busy, driving sis around, guiding and practice lessons with handling of her car (which by the way is named takumi, her craze for all things japanese!), finding the best route to her new work place, became a passenger (yay!) while she drove back hometown, went shopping for her new work clothes, shoes and stuff.

sis starts her new work today, we're settling into a new routine (or so i think).

i hope to catch up on my meditation practice that i have been skipping for a couple of days. i leave for sri lanka next week.

synchronicity! that's all i can say. everything is falling into place timely and nicely. i am just so grateful.



    The energy is indeed moving along well for you. :-)

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay! Wow, Alison, how exciting! So glad you've been you can go to Sri Lanka with a happy mind! I can't wait to hear about your trip...both Graham and I are in awe about how it took place.

    I am so happy things are falling into place for both you and I! xx

  3. Looks like some big changes are underway for you, Alison. Yes, take a deep breath.... meditation... all will be well. So happy for you!

  4. lydia: thanks! yes, it is *squeel* exciting! :D

    cameron: thanks so much! it means a lot to me for you to drop by and leave a note. the energy is moving, is moving... :)

    marion: yaaaayy!!! a happy mind and "dreaming" and "planing" and "thinking"... lol! i'm looking forward for sri lanka too!

    patty: i'm taking lots of deep breath... lol! big changes for sure! :D


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