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Sunday, 5 August 2012

getting ready

my friend rekha gifted me with some amazing products from spa ceylon to be taken with me to sri lanka, oy! they are heavenly! the smell... love! love! love! check out their save the majestic elephant range. awesome! the little elephant is also from her, another gift from her recent trip to india. i am so thankful to have the nicest friends around!  

i will be reading this book during the flight to sri lanka. another magical "coincidence". i've been following susannah's blog for a while now and had a wish to read her recent released book but never got around to buying one, and here comes rekha, who has never heard of susannah, stumbled upon the book on amazon, bought the book and showed (and lending) it to me. i was like omg! what?!!

to think by now i would have gotten used to the magic and synchronicity that is unfolding around me, nooo... i'm still in awe and wonder, but very much enjoying the happy surprises! and my heart is filled with gratitude for all the goodness.

on the meditation front, a totally different story.... so much yuckiness is coming to surface. it is not pleasant to be facing your own dark shadows, or mara in the buddhist teachings. i think this meditation retreat is timely as i need help. i'll have to admit that i need help from great experienced teachers to guide me through this. i hope i can transcend this limiting beliefs/false identification/illusion in the experiential way and not just logic understanding.

i made this for my friend janet, "courage". i need a whole lot of it too! ;)


  1. hey hey, yalor.. Santa Paula is very quiet... hehe :)
    Love the gifts Rekha gave you... especially the elephant... SO cute!! :)

    Enjoy your trip and have lotsa fun and revelations!! :)

    miss you!

  2. thanks evelin! you have good days ahead too! :) miss you too!


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