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Sunday, 23 September 2012

around here

things are moving on a steady pace. not too fast, not too slow. thankful for that.   my makeshift easel. a long overdue painting started back in february, here and here. not happy with it, i start again. so you know by now it is way overdue. need to give myself a date line. november.

glass tiles magnets curing.

 plants around our home.
and kiki on a lazy sunday afternoon.

big move update:
gene will be flying to new zealand end of december 2012, after christmas. he'll start looking for a job once there and a place to stay. kiki and i will join him after, somewhere in early 2013 i hope. i am on another big project, this time is for kiki's migration. i will have to handle the cost and the vet visits for her. i'll start by making an appointment with the vet next week to list out all the procedures we'll have to go through and also the cost it would take to bring kiki over to new zealand. i do not know how i'm going to come up with the money, but hopefully things will work out. kiki is coming, that's all i know.


  1. Hi Allison ,
    I look forward to seeing your artwork! I have 4 canvases sketched out that I will start soon myself.
    KiKi looks so cute.
    have a great day.

    1. hi lydia, you paint beautifully!
      u have a great day too! xx

  2. Goodness, I expect that you're beginning to get a bit excited about your move now it's getting closer. I'm sure that everything, including Kiki, will work out fine. Flighty xx

    1. i am a little excited + nervous. so many things to do.
      thanks for the well wishes. xx

  3. Hope to see you by Dec before you guys fly away!

    1. gene will go to nz first, i will go a wee bit later, there's still time :) yup, hope to catch up before then


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